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Adding a Pool House? Include These 5 Key Elements

Swimming Pool

The pool house is a great combination of form and function. It provides a respite for happy pool-goers to continue their fun in the sun even when they're tired of the actual sun, and it also helps keep your main home quieter, cleaner, and less chaotic. If you're planning the perfect pool house to complement your swimming hole, what should you include? Here are five key elements.

1. Sun and Shade

One of the main reasons to have a pool house is to provide alternatives for guests and family enjoying the yard. In the summer, this could mean getting out of direct sunlight while still enjoying a fun afternoon. In the colder seasons, it could mean escaping an unexpected afternoon monsoon without traipsing water into the house.

Take some time to assess how the sun travels across the area you intend for a pool house. Will the indoor/outdoor lounge area be protected by shade or left in the hot sun? Will natural elements provide protection from sudden rain or wind? Can you control the entry of natural lighting with skylights, curtains, and window placement? The sun and shade is critical in any pool house.

2. Convenience

The orientation and floor plan should be based on the pool itself and easy traffic flow to or from that area. Pool goers should be able to easily reach the pool house's cabana or entrance quickly and without getting into any dirt. They should be able to quickly find towels, a place to change into dry clothes, a bathroom, and a lounge for relaxation. Many homeowners like to add a small kitchenette for afternoon snacks and rehydration.

Besides the obvious pool supplies, you can also build in convenience for the whole family by including a gaming station, an outdoor shower, and even a mud room for use when doing pool maintenance or yard work in the area.

3. Water Resistance

Since the primary function of a pool house is to be part of pool activities, it needs to be sturdy and waterproof. Many designers like to use textured tiles, which are rugged and water-resistant and can be designed to look like many other materials. Avoid flooring, cabinetry, and countertop materials that can't take serious changes in temperature or will crack easily during rough play. Don't forget to opt for waterresistance when choosing chairs, sofas, and tables, too.

4. Storage

The more pool paraphernalia you can create a home for within the pool house, the cleaner and safer everything will be. Include easily accessible storage areas in the pool house for things like outdoor furniture cushions, grill accessories (or the grill itself), pool toys and loungers, extra towels, pool maintenance tools, and dirty laundry.

Some storage areas - like towels and pool supplies - are best accessed from the pool house's exterior, while others can be placed indoors - like dry clothing or gaming equipment.

5. Multi-Tasking Ability

Finally, don't overlook the ability to use this space for more than just escaping the sun to dry off. A pool house is a great opportunity to expand your home's entertainment space or create fun nooks for your own personal getaways.

Add a Murphy bed to the lounge area, and guests can sleep in their own space. Add a bar to the kitchenette, and you can entertain your friends and family on warm evenings - with or without the pool. Or use the open area and sunlight to add an art studio or yoga room with some privacy.

Ready to get started designing your perfect pool complement? At Julie Williams Design, we have experience creating a great poolside experience no matter how much space you have and how you want to use it. Call us today to schedule an appointment.