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Functional Furniture and Storage for Families

Modern kitchen in new luxury home
As a homeowner, your ideal residence will have creative and functional rooms that allow your family members to work and play easily and often. Some of the options that you can include in your residential rooms are custom cabinets, shelf systems, closets, work areas, and other built-in features.
Well-designed rooms with custom built-ins can provide your family with almost unlimited places for activities and storage. Here are a few features that you can include in your residential rooms that can make your home highly functional.

Work and Project Tables

Contemporary family members have many activities and interests. In order to allow them to pursue these activities, add work and project tables to your home.
You can place these tables in a workroom, a home studio, a playroom, a den, and even in a bedroom. Work tables can create a dedicated workspace where family members can keep their projects out and not have to store away everything each day.
Children can use these work and project tables for reading, homework, and artistic projects such as painting, drawing, and model building. Adult family members can use these tables for hobbies and interests, computer work, and creative projects.
For maximum flexibility, design and install a work table with adjustable legs so that all family members can easily use it.

Custom Cabinets and Closets

A well-designed home maximizes available interior storage with cabinets and closets. Each of these features can be customized for unique purposes in different rooms.
You can have custom cabinets built with moveable shelves, rotating circular carousels, suspended racks, and other internal structures. These structures give you maximum access to shelf contents.
Custom cabinets and closets can be built with glass or solid doors to display or conceal the contents.
A contractor can install these cabinets and closets in sizes that are accessible to young children as well as adult family members. Choose designs that can be moved, enlarged, reduced, and altered to adapt to your family's changing needs.

Open-Shelf System

To organize your residential rooms, add open-shelf systems. These simple systems can be floating wall shelves, modular wall shelves, ladder shelves, freestanding shelves, and other designs. Open shelves are perfect to store possessions and collectibles where they can be easily seen and accessed.
To make the best use of an open-shelf system, add sliding drawers, baskets, storage boxes, and plastic containers. As your storage needs change, you can have your interior designer and building contractor add shelves on top of your original shelf system or build another set of shelves on another wall.

Under-Bed Storage

One place that is often underutilized in residential homes is the space underneath a bed. To make full use of this space, have your contractor build the beds in your home on storage platforms with under-bed drawers.
These under-bed storage drawers can be built on wheels so that they can easily slide under the platform bed. Use under-bed storage drawers to store clothing and items that you do not need to access often.

Window Box

Another useful feature that you can build in your home is a window box. Ask your contractor to build a window box directly under one or more large windows, and make it wide enough for family members to sit and relax comfortably while reading.
Attach a hinged, padded seat on the top surface of the window box so that you can use the space under the seat for closed storage.
To design and build creative and innovative features in your home, contact the interior designers at Julie Williams Design. Our experts can work with you to customize your home and create functional storage, high-quality cabinetry, and multi-function built-ins that you can use for many years.