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Design Services

Space Planning

Spaceplanning Blue Print
The most difficult aspect about redesigning your home is finding the right layout. The ideal layout will work with traffic patterns, encourage social interaction between spaces and provide the highest level of function for the activities that take place in that space.
To begin, we listen to your feedback about your home; we can help you pinpoint the areas you like and dislike about your existing interior. We will also bring our own observations about areas that may need some tweaking.
We will measure and complete a thorough assessment of the room to be remodeled. Once back at our office, we will complete several space studies. These are rough sketches where we can evaluate the options for the best layout. Once we have 2-3 options we will pull together potential products and materials and ask you to come in for a presentation. Together we will decide on a functioning, working floorplan for your space.
Julie has designed whole homes and excels at space planning, she loves a challenge and has solved many problem areas and transformed homes with interiors that not only function beautifully but flow beautifully too.

Product Selection

During the Design Phase of our process Julie Williams and her staff will use our experience and training to guide you in sourcing the right products and materials for your project. The options are endless and can be overwhelming for many. We will help by narrowing the field and show you only products that are the right fit for your design style and budget. We have a wide array of samples in our studio including cabinet doors, countertop materials, tile, hardware, lighting and more.
Our process makes the myriad of decisions seem effortless. Finding the right combination for you is what we do best.
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Kitchen & Bath Design

kitchen in hall
A custom kitchen with professionally designed features can become a space that sets a magical tone for shared experiences. Julie Williams Design will help you craft the inviting, beautiful kitchen that you will appreciate and use every day.
Nothing is more important than having a comfortable bathroom for yourself and your guests. We help you renovate your bathroom to remove a potential source of embarrassment and craft an attractive space which no home should be without.
Once you redesign the layout of your bathroom and we’ve determined the larger aspects of your re-design, you may wonder if you should further accessorize your space. We have ideas, products and options for you to consider. No detail is too small to receive the full attention it deserves.
We can’t wait to meet you and discuss your ideas about creating the perfect twenty-first century home for you and your loved ones.