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Storage Ideas for a Guest Bathroom

Modern Bathroom
You may not think a guest bathroom needs a lot of storage. After all, your guests may only use the space for a few days. However, you want them to be comfortable no matter how short their visit, and some of that comfort comes from being able to adequately store their toiletries rather than keep them in a travel bag.
The guest bathroom is also an area where you can store extra belongings for your home, such as linens and spare grooming products. Below are some clever ideas for designing a small guest bathroom for storage.
Customized Wall Cabinet
When space is at a premium, you need to maximize every square inch. Therefore, a store-bought wall cabinet may not be sufficient. Instead, consider a customized wall cabinet.
A design planner can evaluate the area you have on your wall and how it relates to the rest of the space. Experts can then plan a cabinet that fits in that space while providing for your needs. You can keep the design of the cabinet simple, with just shelving. Or you can also ask for cubbies or doors to stash items out of sight.
Built-In Storage Tower
A comparable idea is a built-in storage tower. This tower is similar to a wall cabinet in that it provides some shelving and maybe cubbies or drawers. A tower is specifically ideal for utilizing tall, narrow spaces. 
For example, many people buy over-toilet storage cabinets. These cabinets certainly make use of the space. However, they also tend to take up a lot of visual weight, which can seem overpowering in a small bathroom. A solution could be a storage tower on one side of the toilet and, perhaps, open shelves above.
Built-In Shelves
Speaking of shelving, whenever you peruse magazines about bathroom storage, you see a lot of bins and baskets for hiding away small items. But first, you obviously need a place for those bins and baskets. Built-in shelving is the place to start.
If you're doing a major bathroom remodel, you might consider building the shelves into the wall. With this method, you don't take up as much of your air space. If a major remodel isn't in the cards, you can achieve similar results with shelves attached to the wall. Just make sure you have plenty of clearance for moving around in the bathroom.
Medicine Cabinet
Medicine cabinets aren't just for medicine. Many people like to store their small grooming supplies in the handy location a medicine cabinet supplies. But some homeowners omit this installation in the guest bathroom in favor of a pretty, custom mirror.
You can have the best of both worlds. While it's certainly simpler to choose a prefabricated medicine cabinet, why not consider a custom job here, too? The cabinet can consist of a built-in shelf with a custom mirror on hinges fronting it. Such an installation will make your guest bathroom stand out.
Under-Sink Storage
In that vein, you don't necessarily want to omit the under-sink storage area in favor of a pedestal sink. Under-sink storage is a good place to keep cleaning supplies, which will make cleaning this little-used bathroom a breeze. You can also use this space for keeping some of your spare toiletries, hair products, and other grooming items until you need them.
Small spaces such as an under-sink cabinet are a great place for customized storage solutions. They won't be as useful if you keep them as one big cubby. Instead, consider adding custom inserts for shelving, or even a lazy Susan. Such installations keep your under-sink storage tidy and easy to access.
Don't let your guest bathroom be a waste of space when it comes to storage. Put the space to good use with custom-designed storage solutions. Talk to our design experts at Julie Williams Design for storage ideas for your guest bathroom.